Advertising and Marketing Tricks that Use Technology

19 03 2013

If you have been a good businessperson these days, you should always have an ear to where the marketing buzz is at. From TV and Radio ads decades ago, to now the information age, marketing focus has always been trending towards where on gets the most exposure and the best reputation. For now, everything is being invested online, with online marketing budgets skyrocketing. Add to that the additional investments for mobile marketing as people get access to smart phones with on demand internet access and you already have a good blueprint of where you want your advertising to be in the coming years.

However, there is no ONE trick with Hi-Tech advertising these days. Its nature is dynamic with lots of trends and fads in advertising. People may have not yet have time to deploy their hi-tech advertising tricks before the next new trend arrives. Things are happening, that fast with little warning.

So how are you supposed to think about your own contemporary high-tech advertising scheme? Well it is about your own creativity and quick thinking really. Of course that is easier said than done, but we do have some great examples that you can take inspiration from. Below is a list of high tech advertising campaigns and marketing tricks with the latest and greatest technology involved. Discover what you may want to do for yourself.

Interactive Billboards

Below, you will find a Youtube Video. If you watch it you will find how Adobe, the makers of Software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator used interactive billboards. These billboards have motion sensors that “sense” people as they go near a billboard. Now, whilst they walk across the billboard, the images move in the billboard, much like how one scrolls a video via the scrollbar.

As you can see with the YouTube video, the animation is pretty amazing and people walking to and from will be able to influence and control the movement of the billboard animation. It is a high-tech trick that people can interact with as they pass along the street going to work. Of course, it might be a little bit expensive to maintain.

“In Game” Advertising

Anyone with a smart phone or computer has played many games on those platforms. They are highly interactive, highly entertaining and of course highly addictive at times. Believe it or not, many companies are counting on those kinds of reactions to video games to garner some sort of hold in the “gaming demographic”.

The word here is “In game” advertising. That is right! This is where advertisements appear in a game world or as a game artifact or even area. With millions of people spending hours in games, there is no surprise that you can do some great marketing with your own logos and advertising copy within certain theme related video games. For example, if you are a restaurant, why not have your logo splashed into a game like “Diner Dash”? There are many examples like this and we have provided one in the video below.

In the video, you will see how the game trackmania does advertising via video game car paint jobs, wall advertising etc. It is basically just normal advertising, but in a virtual world. A very interesting concept, and one that has potential of reaching so many people that play games, casual or hardcore gamer alike.

Interactive Stores

Disney opened their interactive stores just a few years ago. The feature video can be seen below. What they did was integrate technology and the magic of going into a toyshop. The result is amazing as kids and adults alike can see magic mirrors with actual changing and interactive displays. They also have power tools, robotic assembly areas and many other interactive and real life tools that make many of those Disney Cartoons come to life. The result is a truly remarkable store that kids and adults can enjoy as they try out the new advancement sin toy technology.

QR Codes and scanners

We then have Quick Response (QR) codes. The QR code is usually found in printed marketing material. It is a black and white graphic with certain shapes and blocks all confined in a square shape. This graphical code is scanned by a smart phone or table with camera and QR code scanner. Once scanned, the device will automatically open a browser and go directly to the marketing link contained by the QR code itself.

Many marketers use QR codes to direct viewers to discover additional content online whilst they browse an “off line” world. We have a video example of how QR codes work below. This should give you an idea of how you can add Hi-Tech elements in your printed marketing through these codes. Take note though that you will still need a high quality printer to print QR codes in prints such as posters and flyers. Make sure you do this correctly so that the link is indeed scanned correctly by those devices.

Augmented Reality

The term augmented or enhanced reality has been thrown around lately. The basic concept here is to change your view of current realty with digital means. Now there are many ways that this can be done, and for the most part, Google has been researching stuff like the Google Glasses to explore this kind of augmented reality.

In recent times though, Blackberry created a very nice interactive, augmented reality ad for London’s fashion week.  What they did was let the public become fashion models. All they did was let anyone who wanted to walk on a catwalk with black canvass all around. Then the audience in London Fashion Week regalia appears as an augmented reality video. It is a pretty amazing experience that any consumer will likely remember.

There are still tons more examples of advertising like this out there online. Only our imagination really limits how we can use current technologies today for marketing gain. Hopefully all the ideas above have inspired you to create your own brand of hi-tech advertisement.



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