What Women and Design have in Common

3 03 2013




Women are fickle creatures, say researchers from Exeter University. By nature, they are more indecisive than men. John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus even describes women like a wave. According to him, a woman’s self-esteem rises and falls like a wave. One minute she feels good and her wave reaches sky-high and the next she changes her mood and her wave crashes down. This is the very reason why men are often regarded as more consistent in personality than women.

However, though often type casted as unpredictable, there are few things designers (web or print) can learn from women. There’s something in a woman’s fickleness that can prove to be valuable when it comes to designing. Here are some of these valuable women traits that can be emulated in design:


  1. It’s good to be the oddball. A woman’s mood changes are often due to her desire to be unique. 20-something single women who want to be attractive to the opposite sex are not afraid to be eccentric and unique just so they will stand out from the crowd. In designing web pages or business cards, you don’t have to always go with the flow. You can choose to break some rules so you can make your design more interesting and gripping.
  2. Focus on what you know. Though women are stereotyped as unpredictable, the one thing admirable about them is that they know and understand what they want. When they set their mind on something, th
    ey see to that it gets done right on time. The same thing should be applied in design. If you know and understand your project, the easier and faster you’ll be done with it. Just make sure you gather enough details to be effective on your project.
  3. Don’t be a diva. Women who act like a diva don’t get far, so don’t even think about being one. If you want to go far, be humble and patient. If you aren’t seeing eye to eye with your client, find something you can both agree with and start from there. Remember that you don’t want your clients’ opinion of you to crash down, so learn how to compromise with them.
  4. Contrast is highly recommended. Women may be fickle, but they are great friends. Often, they choose friends that aren’t in the same league as them—different race, nationality, hobby, etc. These differences don’t hinder their friendship rather keep them stronger together because it’s these differences that keep things interesting between them. Contrast is also important in design. If you can make full use of the right contrast in design elements (color, size, etc.), there’s a greater chance of creating materials that will leave a lasting impact on people.

Women may be much more inconsistent than men, but there are good sides to this fickleness that can result in unimaginable opportunities, especially in design. If you know how to use these women attributes in design, you’ll surely find better and more efficient ways of creating valuable materials that’ll put your message and your company in front of people.



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