The Technology of Advertising in 2013

6 01 2013

If there is one big trend that you should know about advertising these past years, it is that the best trends are technology driven. No one can deny that. In fact, if you look at the forecast for online advertising spending from emarketer they say it can reach 40 billion dollars by 2014.

Everybody is getting into it and this actually is boosting more and more innovation not only on WHAT technology we use for advertising and marketing, but also on the different ways with which we actually use them. More likely than not, all of these of course will be a staple in 2013, and we will see more innovation as we move forward.

social media advertising

If you are lagging behind, or maybe you really have not realized yet what the best technology-driven trends in advertising are, it would be about time for you to know now what they are. To survive now in business, it is not only creativity or classic advertising that will save you. It is also the technologies that you use to reach your market. Let us examine three of the primary driving forces for advertising.

Social Media Technology

It is hard not to think of social media when you talk about advertising and marketing today. Sources from mediapost say that Americans spend a quarter of the time they spend online visiting and interacting with social media sites. That is a big chunk of your market’s time, and the great thing about it is that you can directly contact them.

So if you have not yet gotten into the social media marketing bandwagon right now, you are probably getting left behind by others. The key thing about social media technology and advertising is the direct connection with the market. You do not hide behind a mass media wall like Television here. You can talk directly to people and they will reply back to you the same way. It is instant customer feedback.

Besides that, this is also considered the “NEW” word of mouth type advertising or marketing. With social networks and a good advertising scheme or viral video, you can gain exposure to thousands, perhaps millions of people with little effort. Many people are already starting to realize and capitalize on this power. Just look at paypromedia’s article here. That is the real potential of social media technology, one that will be used well beyond the year 2013 really. It would be a good idea to start investing on this kind of advertising if you have not already.

Mobile Technology

Shifting movements in Internet usage point to more and more people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. Look at this graph from statcounter and see that by September 2012, and you will see the downward trend of fixed line internet access versus mobile access. In fact, in countries like India, Mobile access has surpassed fixed line access.

This means that your typical online advertisements should not just be optimized for computers. Mobile technology is gaining ground, and your advertisements should also be optimized for Mobile. This means you need, websites with advertising features (reflexive or adaptive) content that will catch a user’s eyes while they are using their tablets and mobile phones.

Beyond that, the rise of Mobile Applications have helped many advertisers “become present” in people’s phones. All you need really is to create an application, give it for free, BUT put in your advertisements on them. This gives you direct access to people “on the go” and as long as your app is interesting, you will always have a chance of marketing to them. It is technology that is definitely worth cultivating for 2013 and beyond.

Print Technology

Printing? Yes printing! Printing is not dead when it comes to advertising. In fact they are evolving somewhat into a more specific medium that supports other advertising methods. Much like the other technologies, printing also is improving. They have specific tricks like QR codes which helps direct people from a print ad to an online ad via their mobile phone. Imediaconnection has a nice article about this here.

Beyond that though, printing has advanced with methods like 3D printing (sending of 3 dimensional materials), Green printing (environmentally friendly prints), and Edible inks which can give a more “unique” and responsible experience with print advertisements. All of these help enhance advertising campaigns, increasing local impact and of course giving a more holistic and comprehensive reach to the advertising market. Professional printing companies like can easily help you print brochures, flyers and all those other paper advertising materials easily through online orders that is why there really is no hassle with this technology. If you are smart, you can easily get creative and capitalize on these technologies for a better advantage in your local marketing.

What about other traditional media?

Traditional advertising media are still here of course. Television and Radio ads are still prevalent and there is no real disadvantage in investing in them. If you are a smart advertiser though, you will always add the mention of your website or social media handle in those advertisements so that you can interact with your market more. The same goes for printed advertisements really. As long as you always drive people to all your technology driven methods in advertising, you can maximize their impact and really dominate your market through a proper campaign.

In the end, it is clear now that you cannot be static with your advertising campaigns. It is always about being dynamic, adaptive and nowadays being technology-driven to get ahead. So in 2013, make sure to watch your advertising campaigns and of course always invest and innovate through all the technologies at your disposal.



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