A Guide to Launching a Successful Advertising Campaign

15 11 2012

When I see local ads I can’t help but wince. It’s so frustrating to see a lot of small businesses wasting their money on poorly executed campaigns. With little or no experience at all, they brave the advertising world in the hope of making something out of nothing. What they don’t understand is that advertising requires carefully planned and executed campaign, not half-baked, poorly managed ad strategies. It’s not something you can plunge in without enough knowledge, experience, and budget. In order to succeed, you need to understand what makes effective ads. Take a seat and let’s take a look at the best practices in creating an effective ad campaign.

Focused and resonating message.

Darren Woolley, the Mr. Wolf of Marketing Communication, believes that in order for an ad to be effective it has to have a focused message that resonates to your target audience. It should be something your prospects will feel attracted and attached to. Give them the information they seek and they’ll surely feel strongly about you.

Grab attention.

It’s a tough world out there with more and more ads trying to win over people’s attention. In order to stand out, your ads have to be extremely unique and captivating. They have to be visually entertaining and emotionally appealing so passersby will remember the ad long after they have seen it.

Who can miss this ad on the street?

Image source

Or this muscular guy on the lift?

Image source

Don’t make people think.

With the busy lives people have today, who has time for complicated ads? Understand that your prospects hate it when they have to guess the message you are trying to convey to them, so just keep your ad simple and short. Go straight to the point so you don’t lose their attention.

This ad is purely simple. One look at it and you know that the ad calls for a stop on the use of ordinary bulbs.

Image source

In this ad, the paper says it all:

Image source

Make them pop.

It’s easy to make ads come alive with colors, but it’s critical that the colors you use work with your brand effectively. Carefully look into your brand and target audience to decide on the right colors to use. It can be bright or dark; fun or simple; warm or cool.

This ad has all the colors you can think of.

Image source

Humor in ads.

Engage your audience with humorous ads. Done well, humor advertising can lead to favorable results.

Just take a look at these funny print ads:

Image source

Image source

It shouldn’t be difficult to create effective ads if you know what you are doing. The key is to entertain and educate your audience. If you master the art of effective advertising, earning the fortunes that go with the great power of advertising will be within reach.



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