The Benefits of Branding for Freelancers

6 02 2012

Branding more or less refers to the use of a particular name, symbol, design and/or a combination of these elements to identify the products and services of a business and set them apart from those of other businesses. As a freelancer, whether you are a designer, writer or artist, the brand you are promoting is actually yourself. This is why it makes sense to realize that branding is not only about getting your target clients to choose you over your competitors, but it is also about making them see you as the right provider that can deliver the right solution to their problem whether it be through your postcards or poster campaigns.

Getting your services known to a wider audience is one of your key priorities as a freelancer. With a unique personal brand, you can make it easier for your target market to recognize and find you. Provided that your brand has distinctive features and the right elements in attracting attention, you have a better chance of getting more people hear about you and find you without difficulty.

Building a brand allows you to effectively connect with your clients. It presents you an emotional gambit to earn their trust (take your cue from some of the most successful brands in the world – win people’s business by way of their hearts). And once your clients start to trust you, they will always remember what you have done for them and what you have to offer, in general. This interaction opens up the possibility of a strong relationship, turning many of them from merely satisfied clients into your most loyal customers. You could even have some referrals directed your way in the process.

Aside from helping you generate unforgettable business and create customer loyalty, your brand can also affirm your expertise in your chosen field. Since not many people know who you are and have no idea what you do or even how good you are at it, it’s important for you to provide your skills with proper recognition. Personal branding is not limited to who you are as a freelancing individual, but generally about what kind of services and solution that you offer.

A solid personal brand can lead to a successful freelancing business and in building yours, remember to ask yourself these questions:

How does your target market currently perceive you or your business?

What do you want your target market to think and feel when they heard about you or your business?

How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

These questions are necessary not only in developing a strong brand name, but also for creating an equally strong logo.



One response

6 02 2012

Many people fail to realize how they are their own company. I had a conversation with a friend that does photography. He doesn’t know how many people follow me online or how successful I am at helping people market themselves. When I offered my advice for free on how he could shoot his business up faster than he dreamed he totally missed the point. His idea of marketing was that his pictures would sell themselves. There are too many people out there that still think this way. It is good for you and I though. I never consider people that think like this to be competition. They won’t get far anyway.

Great post!

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