Bringing Your Brand to Life: Brand Implementation

17 03 2009

A good branding strategy means a company understands the needs and wants of its customers. A brand is a perception or an opinion your customers have about your company and products – it’s not something that can be touched or seen. You have the power to influence some aspects of your brand, but ultimately it’s up to your customers to decide on whether your brand is positive or negative.

The best way to influence your customers about your brand is to implement it. That might seem simplistic, but many companies put together a logo, slogan, sign and/or design and call that their brand. They don’t put their brand out there for the world to see. They don’t use it consistently in all company communications. Brand implementation means using your brand elements in every aspect of business from business cards to packaging to the way you answer the phone.

One of the basic and easiest ways to implement your brand across all company communications is to pick a color scheme and use it. In everything. Coca-Cola and Target use red in their TV commercials, Facebook uses blue, UPS uses brown. Color is a major indicator of certain brands, and it could be for you if you want it to be.

Slogan Use
A great way to implement your brand is to use a slogan in all of your communications, including answering the phone. From sales letters to brochures to letterhead, your slogan can be used everywhere to remind customers of your brand values. If your slogan is “We love our customers” saying that when you answer the phone or placing that at the top of your letterhead reminds customers that you value them.

Educate Your Employees
Your employees probably know all about the products you carry or the services you offer. But do the employees know why you present these offerings? If your employees don’t know what your brand values are, they won’t know how to implement them with your customers.

Use Consistent Terms and Tone in Communications
The best way to implement your brand is to keep it consistent across all communications. Use consistent terms for all of your products every time. If you use a formal tone on your Web site, you should use a formal tone in your brochures, sales letters and as you address customers that come into your store.

Having a strong brand is as important as ever when consumers are forced to be more choosy about where to spend their hard earned money in a tough economy. The best way to make sure your brand stays in the front of consumers’ minds is to use your brand elements consistently so that they’re recognizable in all situations.




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