Business Card Holders: Picking the Right One for You

26 11 2008

Anyone who has business cards needs a business card holder. It keeps your cards organized and easily accessible in one place; it saves your cards from being torn, nicked or bent; and to be honest, I think it looks more professional when you grab a business card out of a holder, rather than fishing around in your desk drawer or pulling one out of the bottom of a purse. But they don’t have to be the fancy, silver-plated fold-up kind that you pull out of your pocket or wallet; business card holders can also be standalone items that present your printed business cards on your desk or store counter. They can be large freestanding displays or small, wooden easels for your business cards.

It’s nice if you can afford to purchase a business card holder that ties into your industry or your interests somehow. Your business card presentation is just as important as your business card itself. Your choice of business card holder can give your clients a peek into your own personality. For instance, one business owner I know keeps his business cards in a holder on his desk that looks like a putting green, along with some golf clubs that form the back of the holder. It’s obvious he’s a golfer, and he says that his business card holder strikes up a lot of conversation from clients that are also golfers – he’s even talked business or sealed the deal over golf outings with new clients! And all because of his business card holder.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a business card holder.

It should give a good impression of you and your company: If you own a no-nonsense type of company, you’ll want a professional, no-nonsense type of business card holder. Plain wood or polished silver are good choices for a serious, professional feel. This silver holder from Memorable Gifts exudes a classy, no-nonsense feel.

A display business card holder should garner some attention: Depending on your kind of business, you may want to just have a holder up by your cash register or at the front of your store. In this case, a brightly colored standalone business card holder would work well. Here are two from Card Cues that can also be hung on a bulletin board, which is another great idea for getting your business cards out there. The nice thing about this type of holder is that when all the cards are gone, you’ll still have one left to display until you refill the pocket.


If you don’t have many opportunities for giving out business cards, get a business card holder that is innovative, so you can show it off: Like this one from ShineBox, for example. Many people probably haven’t seen a business card holder like this one, so it can be a good excuse for you to get out your cards. “Have you seen this before? And since I already have it out, why don’t you take a business card?”

Whatever type of business card holder you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand’s personality and is functional so that you’ll use it. Don’t waste your money on a really cool holder that looks hideous in your desk or is too big for your wallet; get one that you’ll use continuously.




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