Weird Ad Placement

7 11 2008

I don’t think even “Weird Al” would think to put ads in some of the places companies like US Airways are advertising. Barf bag advertising? Yum! I’m guessing there are no food ads on those though. From items such as toilet seats to the lines on parking lots, no place is immune from ad placement. Here are a few of the more interesting ones:

Barf bags: As I already mentioned, yes US Airways has sold ad space on their barf bags. And just think, the barfer is also looking inside the bag – another advertising space to buy! This is just nasty.

US Airways has also sold their meal tray tables as ad space as well. Verizon Wireless and GM Saab have bought space in these high places.

Talking urinals: I don’t like going to the bathroom with someone talking to me. I just don’t. And if I were a guy, I wouldn’t want something talking to me out of the urinal, but that’s exactly what these ads created by Wizmark do (nice company name, might I add!). Posters at eye level aren’t good enough for the guys, I guess.

Eggshell ads: How would you like some ads with those eggs? A couple of years ago, CBS etched ads for “CSI,” “How I Met Your Mother” and the rest of its fall lineup on 35 million eggshells. That’s right they etched it on – not painted on or anything to do with ink – so that the only way to alter the ad is to break the egg. They included catchy slogans for the eggs such as “CSI – Crack the Case on CBS” and “Shark – Hard Boiled Drama.”

Telephone wire: Now, I would have never thought of this, and mostly because I thought it was illegal to hang anything from telephone wire. In Thailand, though, I guess it’s okay. A Thailand company created a huge comb and hung it over telephone wires so that the wires looked like hair. It was for a product called “Rejoice,” which I can only guess is for hair growth.

Parking stripes: Don’t you get tired of seeing the same old yellow or white stripes in your mall’s parking lot? Parking Stripe Advertising has taken care of that for you! Clients like Pepsi and Ford have paid to cover the parking stripes with their ads, which are painted on stickers that are then placed on top of the stripes for 30 days.

Manhole covers: Who didn’t see this one coming? Folgers coffee covered the manholes so that it looks like the top of a steaming cup of coffee. Of course, the ad has a bunch of holes punched in it so that the steam from the manhole can rise up to look like coffee steam. How much do you wanna bet that steam didn’t smell as good as Folgers’?

Where else have you seen ads where you thought you would never see them? Creative advertising folks keep us guessing!




2 responses

8 11 2008

Great examples of not well thought out spend. Barf is particularly good.

8 11 2008

Ur examples of similar advertising are nice.. although toilet advertising is one of the oldest and cheapest forms; quacks have used it since long to cure the problems that people don’t want to talk about.

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