5 Ways To Market Your Product and Services Online

6 11 2008

We live in the digital age. Everything that we do practically takes place online. People prefer to use the internet for doing everything from paying bills to selling and buying products online. As a business owner, everybody wants a piece of the “marketing share” pie. So if you have a product or service that you want to sell online, you would love it that your potential customers have the ease of buying it online. You would want it that your product gets noticed first and gets converted into a successful sale. There are many ways to do that. 5 such unbeatable techniques are mentioned here which will no matter what get you good results:-

1. Blogging: Everybody from corporations to Hollywood stars are doing it. Although still a comparatively newer form of marketing, blogging can actually make your product into a success star. People mistake it to be just an online journal and never think of it as a way to expand the customer base and increasing traffic, thus simultaneously increasing sales. If you write about what you have to offer in simple words and do just a little tweaking with the help of professional Search Engine Optimizers, you will notice the increase in the number of sales of your product. If you make sure you have new ideas to share and give out honest information about your product, you can be sure that the sky is the limit.



2. Free E-Zines and Publishing: This is still an older form of marketing and yet very effective. For this form of marketing to be successful for you, there needs to be an understanding of a very important fact: It is not just sales pitching! The readers are not at all interested in what you are offering and nor do they have the time to listen to you. You need to establish a trust with them. If you are successful in establishing a relationship with them, your writing of an e-zine has been successful. There are a few things that can be done to save the day. Keep it clean and easy to read and be selective of what you write. Make sure that it circulated on time and is consistent. Try and give it a personal touch, this will make it look more genuine. This can actually do wonders for your product/service.


3. Online networking and social sites: Apart from offline networking, online networking is also vital. With online marketing, you will be in touch with thousands of people and will be constantly sharing information about your product and business. People like to connect when it comes to business. The latest and by far the best move in this field has been made with the help of online networking sites. Websites like Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace etc. have become a mainstream portal for businesses to connect and advertise their product. Apart from these E-mail discussion groups like Yahoo Groups, message boards, joint ventures etc. are some other ways of doing better social networking.



4. Podcasting: These are digital media files which are sent over across the internet via syndication feeds. Since this is a relatively new form of marketing, it carries with itself a huge amount of potential. It is a great form of marketing and an even better form of communicating since it uses voice instead of texts. You can have a spoken presentation and release it or send it over to people who might be in the same field as yours. Send out your articles, do voice interviews, offer a chapter in your e-book via podcast. Keep experimenting with it and use your voice! Here is an article that gives you a step by step direction on how to get started on podcasting Step By Step How To Podcast Tutorial.



5. E-mail Advertising and affiliate marketing: Both the methods are still foolproof, if used in the right and smart manner. E-mail: It has been there for years and will continue to be one of the best ways of marketing for years to come as well. This does not mean you start spamming. Build a relation and ask for a favor. This is the key. Apart from this, being associated with an affiliate program can also be a great technique of solving your marketing solutions.


 These are just some of the small things that can get you big results. There are other ways of marketing on the internet but these are the most widely used and are in fact the most effective as well. All that is needed along with them is just a little bit of patience. Do not jump to conclusions if you do not see any improvement initially. These things require time and will eventually start getting you more and more sales orders. So think of all of this as a long term investment and go for it! Feel free to give more suggestions and ideas on how products/services can be marketed on the internet.




2 responses

7 11 2008
Affiliate Marketing Support

great post!

28 11 2008
Dave Jackson

Podcasting is a great tool. The people that listen have chosen to listen (there is no spam in podcasting, and the listener is in total control. Also you reach the world (unlike traditional radio), and once you put out about 60 bucks for a microphone, it only costs 7 bucks a month to create a podcast. You can’t get better return on investment.

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