Unleashing The Real Internet Marketing Secrets

13 10 2008

Internet marketing is a brilliant platform for aspriring entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. The reach of internet marketing is greater and effective than that of any other business platform. You practically have millions of customers on your fingertips. The best part about using this form of marketing is that the results are almost immediate, unlike traditional marketing methods.

Even statistically there are 10 million hosts and millions of domain names registered on the internet today. In the coming years, there will be an amazing shift to the internet for shopping, business and a lot more, so the time to make use of the internet craze for your business is now. Some of the points you will now be reading are actually secrets that will help you in finding the right customer base, communicating effectively and influencing your targeted audience into buying your products.


1. Website Directory Listings: This is mandatory for every business as listing their website on any of the common directories like DMOZ, Yahoo! and Google gives their business a definition. The primary website should be listed at least, no matter if you’re using a marketing page off the root directory of your website. With this your prospective customers can also find the webpage long after you have launched the campaign.

2. Traffic Generation: To ensure backing of your investments as far as marketing is concerned, you must be able to drive traffic to your website. There are a dozen ways to monetize your website including programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Amazon Affiliates, TLA etc. Such methods can help boost the rankings of your website, hence, automatically generating more traffic and increasing probable customers. Except for these programs advertising on already well established websites which may have customers that might be interested in your product can be a great way to get noticed. You can always hire a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for extra popularity.

3. Marketing Pages: The third secret is to drive your prospective customers to a specific page where your offer can be showcased well. Leading them to a generic website can mean losing out on potential customers. The easier it is for the prospects to buy, the more will drop in.

4. Testimonials: This is one of the most underrated ways of promoting your business. When you post customer testimonials on your website, potential customers gain confidence in what you have to offer. Products like iDoser, the binaural beat software, has made a reputation in the market based mostly on testimonials. Just ask for a simple feedback from your existing customers and see the magic take place. Fantastic and efficient way of promoting your product and should be utilized judiciously.

5. Offer a “unique” offer: Many businesses play on free trials or offer free e-books. This can be a great way to market your product. Make sure you give out something special to the customers, so they remember you the next time. Every business banks on its USP, use that. Prove to the customers that you are different and are offering something your competitors are not. Do not restrict your creativity and keep experimenting.

6. “TRUST”– the five letter jackpot: Let’s face the fact- you cannot sell a product until and unless, you have a decent reputation. Businesses are biting dust as they are unable fulfill their promises to the customers. They need to be assured that when they buy from you, their personal information is safe especially things like credit card information, e-mail addresses etc. The best way to reassure people is to display safety and reliabilit icons like VeriSign, Trust-e, Thawte and BBB Online. Win “trust” and the rest shall fall in.

7. Guarantee something: Another thing that really works well for all businesses is providing guarantee. Nothing can put customers to ease than a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a money back gurantee. This can back up the risk of the purchase or transaction being made. Make sure your guarantee is at par with other competitors or maybe even better.

Internet marketing has taken over the traditional marketing methods in this era. Everyone wants a piece of this pie and most of them will get a piece if they reach out for it NOW! Forget about publishing ads in the newspapers now, go for e-marketing. This is one thing you will never regret. These secrets may not remain secrets for long, so start using them as soon as you can.

Article written by Mark




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14 10 2008

What most people dont understand is that sending traffic directly to their homepage isn’t going to get conversions. The best way to start getting conversions is to create a video page that pre-sells for you AND then links to your website.

15 10 2008
Info Marketing Wizard: Search Me

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