Guerrilla Marketing Brochures: Do More with Less Money

11 10 2008

Guerrilla marketing is all about inexpensive marketing done to achieve high results. Jay Conrad Levinson first coined the term with his 1983 book Guerrilla Marketing. Levinson defines guerrilla marketing: “It is a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. It is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money.”

Levinson contends that you don’t have to hit a home run with every marketing strategy – just getting a single here or there and then getting better and getting doubles and then triples works too. That’s actually how it works anyway.

So don’t expect wonders when you dive into printing tons of brochures without first thinking over how cost-effective you can implement your brochure printing campaign. Chances are you’ll be spending more than what you should be. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create an eye-catching and effective brochure.

Here are some guerrilla ways to do it:

Use black-and-white printing. Color is indeed an effective way to catch people’s attention, but black and white can do it too, if done tastefully and with interesting graphics. If black and white weren’t an effective combination I don’t think the store White House Black Market would have lasted for over 10 years.

See if you can use just a splash of color. Using just one accent color can turn your brochure into an eye-catching piece as well. Ask your printer how much a 1-color job would cost. Make sure to design this one color into your brochure instead of designing it in black and white and then choosing some aspects to be in the accent color. Color for color’s sake won’t end up saving you any money because it won’t look good!

You can also add color by using colored paper. This is an old and cheap trick for adding color. But it does work!

Use your brochures for referrals. Use the back panel of your brochure for your current customer to put his info. Then tell him (and write it on the brochure) that if a friend brings in this brochure, they’ll both get a discount. You’ll need a way to keep track of who brings in a brochure, which shouldn’t be too hard. Just having a file folder for the returned brochures of those who still need a discount applied to their next order will do. The friend who brought in the brochure should get a discount upon presenting the brochure. This is also a great way to update your mailing list (with current customer info) and add to your mailing list with the new customer’s info.

Include a coupon in your brochure. Use one of the panels as a coupon – don’t make it a tear-out thing so that people will keep the whole brochure. This is a great way to keep the brochure from ending up in the trash – you’re giving people a reason to keep it.




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