Online Cartoon Ads: The Funny Wave of the Future of Marketing

9 10 2008

In a time where having a Web site isn’t enough of an online marketing presence, many businesses are turning to blogs, forums and social media sites to help them get through to online prospects. But what many companies aren’t doing yet is making use of the online cartoon ad.

The cartoon ad can be an effective way to garner online attention on your blog or Web site. Right now, not many people have cartoon ads on their company Web sites or on their blogs or social media sites. Having a cartoon ad can help your company stand out from the rest, if done in a “professional” manner. By professional I mean Newsweek-like cartoons, not Ren & Stimpy-like cartoons. You need to poke fun at something real in the business world that pertains to your company; you can’t just draw a cartoon ad about a dog who likes to chase rabbits.

Out with the old
People are getting tired and annoyed by pop-up ads, spam emails and in-line text ads. These methods can be effective if used correctly and sparingly, but anymore they are becoming so common that people don’t stop to look. That’s where online cartoon ads come in.

People don’t want to see boring text-filled ads with some old white guy in the corner. And people could care less about corporate ads and press release-type ads. These ads don’t retain interest. Cartoons do retain interest, however, no matter how old you are.

Why use cartoon ads
An illustrator can get your marketing message to the masses in a fun way. No one doesn’t like fun (even Ferris Bueller’s teacher likes fun – remember the show “Win Ben Stein’s Money?”). Your cartoon ads should use color, humor and art that get people’s attention on any Web page.

Cartoon ads are cheap to create, since all you have to do is buy the graphic software, like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and then start drawing. You might have to pay for placement on certain Web sites, but you can obviously save that cost on your own Web site and blog.

Marketing studies have shown that interactive and dynamic ads that look different from other ads pull more consumers. If your ad is funny enough, consumers will even email your ad to their friends and family – instant electronic-word-of-mouth-type advertising. Even if the ad is sent for the humor, you’ll still include your logo or name somewhere in the cartoon. That helps build name recognition. 

Your brand will seem more “cool” to the younger generations, and you’ll stand out in a sea of pop-ups featuring pretty blonds and old white men.




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9 10 2008
Online Cartoon Ads: The Funny Wave of the Future of Marketing | InteractiveMarketing

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