What Kind of Blogs Do You Read (and Write)?

8 10 2008

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 report shows that people are blogging about every- and anything. The top topics were Personal/Lifestyle (54%), Technology (46%), Other (43%) and News (42%).

Which kinds of blogs do you read most? I found that I read blogs that fall into the Personal/Lifestyle category and the Business category (27%). Before looking at the categories, though, I hadn’t even given a single thought to the categories of blogs I read. I suppose I’ve read a blog that belongs in each of the 18 categories Technorati has developed for its report, but mostly I read friends’ blogs and blogs that will help further my career.

A First for the Report: Interviewing Bloggers
Technorati has done an annual report on blogs since 2004, but this is the first year they’ve interviewed bloggers to get their opinions and insights (they surveyed over 1,000 bloggers from around the world). They found that three out of four U.S. bloggers are college grads and 42% have attended grad school. That’s a pretty educated group!

Most bloggers are male (66%), between the ages of 25 and 36, and more than half have an annual household income of over $75,000.

Personal, Professional and Corporate Bloggers
I wasn’t surprised to find that most bloggers are personal bloggers, meaning they blog about topics that aren’t related to work. Professional bloggers, those that blog about work, but not in an official capacity for their organization make up 46% of those surveyed. We do like to talk about work a lot, and now we’re letting everyone in on our work opinions. There’s nothing wrong with that. And for a lucky few (12%), they get to blog for their organization in a pro capacity (read: they get paid to blog).

Here is some more bite-sized info from the report:

• Almost 75% of bloggers blog about three or more topics. The average number is five topics.
• Almost half of bloggers feel their blogging style is sincere, conversational, expert and humorous. Those under 34 felt their blogging style is confessional, while those over 35 feel like they are experts.
• The top reasons for blogging are self-expression, and to share knowledge and experience with others.
• Revenue was at the bottom of the list for how people measure the success of their blogs. Personal satisfaction and number of posts or comments topped the list.
• Two-thirds of bloggers have no problem releasing their true identity on their blogs. The other one-third want to keep their identity under wraps.
• One-third of bloggers have received free products. The top categories of free products: DVD, music, video and books; computers; and electronics. How do I sign up for that?

These were the most interesting stats to me. You can review the report yourself at http://www.technorati.com/blogging/state-of-the-blogosphere/. It was released in 5-day span, so feel free to take a week to read it all. It’s quite interesting and eye-opening. It might even give you ideas on topics to write about for your next blog.




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