The Best Way To Give Out Your Brochures

6 10 2008

Once you’ve created awesome brochures that are sure to garner attention and make your inbox full of product orders, you need to get those brochures out to consumers. Great-looking brochures won’t do you any good if you don’t get them into the hands of consumers. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a gander at the following brochure distribution ideas that might spark a distribution idea of your own.

1. Include your brochures in your direct mail campaign. Use your existing mailing list to mail out a brochure about an upcoming new product or service. If you were planning on mailing out a sales letter, just slip a brochure into the envelope as well. A nice glossy brochure with great photos will really help your sales letter make its mark.

2. Slip a brochure in with your finished orders. When you ship someone’s order to him, include a brochure or two that features other products that complement the product you’re shipping. Or, just include a brochure on new products that are in the works to pique interest. You can up your chances of getting another order from the customer by including a brochure that has a special offer or coupon inside. Be sure to let the person know there’s a special offer inside by touting it on the brochure’s front panel.

3. Hand out brochures at a trade show, seminar or other industry event. Take along some brochures to hand out wherever you plan to do some word-of-mouth marketing. You can staple a business card to the inside flap of a brochure so that when someone asks you for your card, you can hand them the brochure as well. Be sure to ask for that person’s card in return. You can then use the address on the card to perhaps send a follow-up brochure later.

4. Publish brochures on your Web site. You can create a Web version of your brochure or you can scan a brochure and create a PDF version that people can download to read when they’re away from the computer. This option saves you some postage, and gives people the flexibility of reading your brochure on the computer or away from the computer.

5. Use your brochures in a cross-marketing partnership. If your business and another business already have a marketing partnership going, simply ask to display your brochures in the other business store and offer to do the same for your partner. It’s easy to set up a display rack for your brochures in someone else’s store and you’ll get twice the traffic than you would setting up a display rack at your store only.

6. Hand out brochures to customers. You can either slip a brochure in their sacks with their purchase or you can hand the brochure directly to the customer. It entices the deal if the brochure has some kind of coupon or special offer printed on it.

Another idea is to create a referral brochure in which you hand your current customer a brochure at checkout with that has room for her contact info, and then if she gives that brochure to a friend who comes in the store with the brochure, the original customer gets a coupon or a discount on her next purchase.

Hopefully these brochure distribution tactics has spurred some ideas of your own. It doesn’t matter how you get your brochures in consumers’ and customers’ hands, as long as you get them there. Make sure you target your brochure distribution so that you don’t waste your brochure printing budget.




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