Postcard Printing: An Effective Advertising Tool

24 09 2008

Many companies use postcards for their direct mail campaign because the entire message is out in the open. The recipient is able to see the offer in a quick glance as opposed to wasting time opening an envelope to a message they may or may not want to take the time to read.  You do not need to limit postcard printing to direct mail, though, as they provide these same benefits when used for a different purpose such as a cheap, effective replacement for brochures.  Instead of placing brochures on advertising tables in hotels or offices, use postcards instead. Unlike a brochure which needs to be unfolded, a flat postcard can be viewed in an instant. Here are a few tips to assist you in designing postcards to be used in place of brochures. 

Postcards that are placed in the open must be appealing enough for a passer-by to want to stop, pick it up, and skim it.  Using a captivating photograph is the best way to do this since pictures are what consumers look at first in advertisements.  A colorful, clear photograph related to your message will make your offer or company seem that much more desirable. 

The Message
What are you trying to accomplish through this postcard printing? You may want to establish your brand or you might be trying to build up your customer base.  You may also want to inform customers of new products or services you have available.  The design of your card is determined by your goals.  Your headline may make an offer or point out a need.  Or your headline might just include your company name or logo along with the title of the new product line. 

Contact Information
Whatever your purpose, always include a point of contact so that clients can easily get ahold of you if they so desire.  You may want to put all of your contact information on the back of the postcard, or if your call to action is on the front, place the point of contact in the same location. 

The Back
Depending on what you have included on the front of your card, there are a number of options when designing the back side.  You might want to include descriptions of the products advertised on the front of your postcard.  Or design the back to look like a greeting postcard so that consumers can use it as a mailing piece. This has the added benefit of making your company name available to more viewers.  You could also include a discount or free offer. 

Unless your advertisement or image requires a black and white look, print your postcards in full color so they are noticed more easily.  Use a commercial printer rather than your inkjet or a digital printer to insure the quality needed in advertising postcards.  Along with the cost advantage of wholesale printing, a postcard printing company may also provide several sizes, paper types, and the help of a design team, just to name a few.




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