Establishing Your Image with Business Cards

16 09 2008

When starting a business, marketing your image can be a slow process. One way to speed it up is to make sure that everything your company prints, distributes, or produces matches your style, and business cards are no exception. In fact, it is especially necessary for your business card printing to accurately represent your company image because of their role –  standing in your place after the handshake to remind prospects of what your company is all about. Imprinting your business cards with your image requires a few considerations in design:

1. Your logo is one of the most important features to include on printed business cards. A logo is part of establishing a brand because every time someone sees your logo, they will associate the message you have created with whatever it is printed on.

2.  A tagline that incorporates your company image will remind clients of your business goals and why your products are the best. Make sure the tagline gives a clear benefit of your company, such as “Increasing the Quality of Living One Loan at a Time.”

3.  The font type may not seem like an important choice, but fonts have styles, and styles send messages. The safe route is to use the same font faces that are in your logo and other marketing materials.

4.  Colors are also a necessary part of your image because they send subliminal messages. Like fonts, the colors you use should be consistent throughout all of your customer contact.

5. The appearance of your card, such as shape and paper type, need to maintain your image as well. For instance, a family-owned business might choose rounded edges for a softer, friendlier feel.

It is easy to rush through the design of a business card without making sure that each part correctly matches the image you are trying to create. Slow down and take your time so that you can more quickly establish a consistent brand for your company.




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