Saving Money with Booklet Binding

11 09 2008

Many companies use booklet printing for instruction manuals, reports, or catalogs.  Between a team of designers, printing, and possibly mailing, creating booklets can be an expensive project.  One way to cut costs yet maintain quality is through using a more simple binding method.  Without realizing it, many companies choose options for binding that add to the expense of the finished booklet and often are not necessary.  Noting the three areas that can raise costs will help you to better make an educated and efficient decision when it comes to binding booklets.

One way to save money in binding is by eliminating a cover.  Most printing companies give you the choice of self cover stock (the cover is the same as the inside paper) or plus cover stock (the cover is different from the inner pages). Not all booklets need a different cover stock than the interior, especially if the inside pages are already a fairly heavy, glossy paper text.  A heavy cover increases the time, and therefore, the cost of printing. If you do decide that you need a separate cover, try using a soft one, like those used for paperback novels. 

Some binding methods require extra steps, for instance, ring binding and coil or wire binding use hole-punching.  One of the least expensive binding methods is saddle stitching because of the fewer steps involved.  While saddle stitching does require folding, creep adjustment, and trimming, it still does not contain as many steps as other bindery. Tape binding is less expensive than saddle stitching but does not have as much durability. You will need to decide if a lower price for a weaker binding for your booklet printing is worth the trade off.

Contact your printer to find out what type of folding they offer. A booklet that requires unique folding can become quite pricey. If the fold you choose cannot be completed by the printing equipment, then your printer will have to hand fold all of the booklets, something that not all printing companies will provide, especially when you order a large quantity. You may decide that creating different design is less of a headache than finding a printer that can hand-fold.




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