Similar to AIDA, but More Magical

10 09 2008

The A.I.D.A. formula for copywriting has been reviewed time and time again. While I was looking for a different spin on this formula, I ran across a new formula that’s a bit more aggressive, called the MAGIC formula. You can use this for all of your copywriting needs, from booklet printing to postcard printing pieces. Here’s a brief rundown of the MAGIC formula.

Magnetize your headline
This is basically the same concept as AIDA instead of grabbing attention, you magnetize your headline to create curiosity in your offer. You must appeal to your target audience by using words and design elements that will draw these people into your ad.

For example, if you sell computers, you wouldn’t want to use a flowery, pretty, curly font. You’d want to use a font that is bold and has straight lines that show your computers are no-nonsense, the real deal type of computers.

And when it comes to the actual words, use powerful verbs and descriptive adjectives that make the reader feel like the ad is talking directly to him. Be sure to use “power words” (you can Google these if you don’t know what they are) and tell your prospect something he didn’t already know. The best way to pull people in is to tell them something they didn’t know. Now they are smarter and have you to thank.

Attack the desires of your reader
When readers first look at your ad or catalog, they’ll think “Okay, what’s in here for me? Why should I spend my time looking at this?” Plainly give readers the benefits of your product or service – don’t make them look for it. Give it to them in full force. Customers want to lose some weight? Tell them exactly how you helped someone else lose weight and throw in some awesome pictures of an awesome body to prove it.

Generate credibility
Tell your readers what you’ve done and why they should believe what you’re telling them. The best way to establish credibility is to use testimonials. Get good ones, not wimpy ones. Make sure your testimonials are specific and that you can put a face to a name. Don’t make up testimonials; people are good at spotting fakes since there are so many fakes out there.

Interest your prospect
Show prospects more of your benefits. (Personally, I think this step and the “A” step are pretty much the same, this step just goes into more details.) Let them know exactly how they’ll benefit and help them see themselves enjoying the benefits of your product or service.

This includes your call to action – tell your prospect what to do. Tell them to call you, visit your Web site or whatever else you want the prospect to do now that she’s read your ad.

You also want to give customers a guarantee in your closure. This is the time to take away any uncertainty the consumer may have that is holding her back from making a purchase.

So there you have it: MAGIC. Is it better than AIDA? That’s an opinion question, but I think we could all agree that it’s definitely a more aggressive formula, just by the words used to describe the formula. I think the addition of credibility works well for the formula and for marketers in general.




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