Connecting With Your Audience

5 09 2008

How deep does your association with your customers run? I’ve talked to a number of different people who run various businesses and asked them this question, and most are entirely sure how to answer. But let me rephrase it. When you’re setting up your marketing, how much are you thinking about your customers? How much do you know about their wants and their needs?

If you want to get people interested in your company you need to be able to connect to them in a way that gets them interested in giving you business. If you aren’t able to accomplish that, then why should they care about you?

Are you providing a solution for one of their troubles? Is your product going to make live easier for them? Will your service be coming to their rescue to ensure they don’t have anything to worry about? And when you’re paying for your advertising designs and commercial printing, are you asking yourself these questions?

People can feel when a company understands their needs. More often than not the companies you see embracing a mentality like this are those who focus more on a niche market than anything else, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

This is about your customers and knowing who they are. Give them something a little more personal than they’re used to getting from other companies, but to do that you need to get to know them first, something many companies never bother to do.

Start up a newsletter you can send out on a regular basis to start that bond between your customers and your company. Ask them to write in with suggestions, things they enjoy doing on the side, the troubles they deal with everyday of the week.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do, either. The real issue is that most companies look at their customers as a block of people, rather than as individuals. They attempt to see only the mass grouping, and by doing so, they fail to understand the smaller needs that might very well be shared by many, if not most of those customers.

The idea of a newsletter gives you the biggest strength in this area, because you can ask people to send you in their opinions, and each time you get a letter you’re hearing the words of that one individual. Those are the things you need to be able to understand.

And not only will the newsletter help your other marketing, but it works as a marketing device itself. Every type of commercial printing you get done will benefit from a greater knowledge of your customers and the things they want from the places they shop at.

Many companies just aren’t willing to set aside the time needed to gain this kind of insight. The more you know, the more you set yourself apart from the others, and the more loyal your customers will become.




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