The Art and Science of Advertising

2 09 2008

Advertising is an art…and a science. It really depends on your needs at the time that you may turn to the artistic or scientific aspects of Advertising Experts. Either way, you need experts on your team if you want to develop effective advertising strategies.

Here are a few reasons to turn to the experts:

• You can get too close to your products – Ad pros know how to step back and be objective.
• You can’t afford to experiment – Get it right the first time and build on successes, while eliminating those ideas that do not produce results.
• You know the specs, pros know the benefits – It is not enough to tell people what and how your product performs. Professionals can help your customers connect with how your products can improve their lives. 
• You need a balanced campaign – Too often an amateur ad campaign over promotes a product’s usefulness. Don’t fall into this trap! A professional can help make sure that your campaign is balanced. 
• Keep it real – Professionals can help you identify what is relevant to the customer. Facts and figures that you find important may mean nothing to a customer.
• Line up with a law – The legal environment is increasingly more complicated. Rely on professionals who are familiar with laws relating to customer communications.
• Save money – Advertising agencies often know the trusted vendors for producing your advertising campaign and can often strike a deal because they’re bringing these vendors so much business.

This is just a highlight reel. There are a lot of other reasons to consider using a professional advertising agency when developing and launching your campaign. In the end, you have to remember that advertising is also part in science. Few people can run a business and specialize in advertising as well.




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