What If Modern Advertisers Created the Stop Sign

28 08 2008

This is so funny because it’s so true!

Focusing on the advertising message can be so tough. So many people have lots of good ideas that you want to implement them all and then the advertising message gets diluted and no one knows what is going on! It’s even harder when you’re trying to market a mass brand because you have to try to appeal to vast tastes.

Obviously you can’t please everyone all the time. Unless you’re Apple, it seems! As of September 2007 (the most recent date I could find) 150 million iPods had been sold all over the world. Not too shabby. And what about McDonald’s? McDonald’s is even changing the health of Asian nations to be as bad as Westerners’ health – that’s a pretty wide pull!

Back to the video, I love how they are targeting women but are targeting men “secondarily.” Targeting all drivers is a pretty big challenge. And many marketers have trouble narrowing down their target market all the time. If they don’t address Market A with a certain campaign, they can always use another campaign to address Market A. I also love getting everything by tomorrow. How true it is! Why don’t people plan so they can give others realistic deadlines? I love those impossible deadlines – it really gets the blood pumpin’ and the blood pressure sky rocketing! And how irritating is it when higher ups decide at the last minute that something they’ve already approved just won’t work? Again, deadlines people! If there were longer deadlines the higher ups would have plenty of time to flip flop and decide that what they wanted originally is what they actually want, since that is usually what they do want in the end. It’s amazing that upper management can change their minds about something major without giving a reason but a worker bee has to give 89 reasons to change a minor detail.

It’s also amazing that this one little video that lasts less than five minutes has so much crammed into it that I’ve left this long of a comment! Excellent video, by the way!




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