Top 100 Advertisements of All Time

28 08 2008

Checked out this blog today: and it was quite a trip down memory lane.

What is it about #2 The Marlboro Man? I don’t like cigarettes and I don’t think the man is blatantly handsome, but somehow I want to impress him. I bet men wanted to be him when the ad first appeared in the 1950s. Maybe it’s the cowboy hat? I don’t know, but the guy just looks cool. He looks like a guy’s guy and a proud woman’s man. Of course Leo Burnett knew cowboys were manly and that’s precisely the reason he picked a cowboy to be the Marlboro Man. Before the Man, the cigarettes were seen as feminine because they were marketed as a ladies’ brand. The Marlboro Man was for men, and what little boy didn’t want to be a cowboy? That’s where the real motivation lies I think.

And #13 Alka-Seltzer – the “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!” jingle is etched into many people’s minds. I remember annoying the heck out of my mom by singing that jingle all around the house! Ah, memories.

#18 actually did make me want to be in the Army when I was a little girl. The “Be all that you can be” appeals to everyone. It’s so philosophical and psychological. Most people in life are looking for how they can be “the best me I can be.” Books and movies have been written about people searching for themselves. How clever of the Army to suggest that it has the answer! And, many vets do define themselves by their military experiences.

I love #24 by Burger King. “Have it your way” says so much about the company and the burger. It says that Burger King is flexible enough to let you do things your own way and it says what you can literally do with their burgers. It’s a pretty smart campaign that people often ignore on lists like this, so I’m glad it made it here.

Reading through this list is like taking a trip down memory lane. I guess that goes to show how integral advertising is in our daily lives!




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