Five Big Branding Blunders

26 08 2008

1. Not marketing at all
Maybe you have a product that seems to sell itself.  Maybe that product is in the decline phase of its product lifecycle.  Maybe you just don’t think you need to advertise because you’re making the kind of money you had hoped for.  But one thing not marketing at all can guarantee is that in the long run your products could be phased out altogether.  Word of mouth is wonderful but cannot be relied upon as a long-term strategy by itself.  Don’t fall into the trap of not marketing at all just because you’re meeting your sales goals.

2. Oversell, under deliver
We are often the biggest fans of our own products.  It is easy to oversell the usefulness of what we have to offer.  Be very careful to make sure that you can deliver what you promise.  It just takes one disgruntled customer to wreak havoc on your sales, and worse, your reputation.  It is better to undersell and over deliver any day of the week than to leave a customer with unfulfilled expectations.

3. Amateurish marketing
Take the time, spend the money, and expend the effort to give your company a professional corporate identity.  Sure, it’s easy and cheap to hire the college kid to design your logo.  Sometimes this works out.  But more often than not the results can be less than professional.  It takes experience and training to truly deliver a stunning, memorable visual corporate identity.  So, don’t skimp here!

4. One hit wonders
You just cannot hope to develop a successful marketing campaign across only one medium.  The web is wonderful.  Billboards are great.  Print ads, newspapers, and brochures are all other excellent ways of marketing your company.  But don’t limit yourself to a single medium.

5. Inconsistent image
It takes a strategic plan to consolidate a corporate image.  Marketing and advertising plays a huge role in consolidating and representing a single brand to your customers.  Business cards, websites, brochures, billboards, letterheads, and all the other ways that you engage your customers…well, it just takes time and a lot of planning to get them all to jive.  But the time is well worth it and you will see greater and more consistent results with your marketing when all of your points of contact with customers are saying the same thing about your company.




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