The Key to Easy Postcard Printing

14 08 2008

Having repeatedly read online how easy postcards can be to design, print, and mail, I realized that this was not my experience in the recent past when I had the opportunity to complete some marketing tasks for a real estate company. One of the advertisements I developed was a postcard on the new section in the condominium development. Designing the postcard was not the difficult part. It was the printing and mailing that took so much time.

First, I had trouble sending the postcard. For some reason, the printing company either could not or would not, except for extra cost, offer full bleed. They ended up placing a black border around the edges, which contrasted with the flowing garden style. Once the postcard printing was complete, I had to pick up the postcards myself, since I used a local printer. Then I spent an entire day printing the mailing labels before stamping and labeling the postcards, and this was only the first wave in the three-month series I had planned. Finally, I drove to the post office with the postcards in bags. I had planned on organizing them into local and out-of-town piles for quicker mailing, but at that point was ready to be finished with the whole ordeal. So, I ended up stuffing the entire pile into the out-of-town slot.

What I have now realized after doing some research online is that I could have saved myself much time and heartache by using an online printer that offers mailing services along with postcard printing. Most online printing companies include the following benefits:

– Free templates
– More custom options
– Design help
– Delivery to more than one office
– Mailing services
– Mailing lists (rare but available by some)
– Wholesale pricing
– Complete the entire process without leaving the office

Online full color postcard printing is the secret to the easy postcards that everyone raves about. The next time I am hired as a marketing assistant, I will be able to spend more time planning a super-effective campaign and less time sticking addresses onto postcards.




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