4 Reasons Why Your Ad Didn’t Work

6 08 2008

If you started an ad campaign that isn’t working, don’t give up just yet. Many small business owners and beginning marketers think that if their first go ’round with advertising didn’t work out, none of their advertising will work. But, advertising does work. You might just need to tweak your approach a bit.

This article lists four reasons why your ad may not have worked. Check each reason out and carefully evaluate your ad to make sure you didn’t make one of these mistakes. If you did, fix the mistake and get your ad back out to the public. I know you’ll get better results!

Reason #1: Your ad didn’t appeal to the correct customer need.
As much as you’d like to, you can’t force people to buy your product or service. Customers buy your products or services because you meet a particular need that your competitors don’t or can’t meet. These needs can be emotional or material, but when you demonstrate and/or state that you can meet people’s needs, they’ll come running. So take a look at your ad. Do you plainly and clearly tell people how you can help them solve a problem? (Also, for this to work, see Reason #2.)

Reason #2: Your ad didn’t establish your credibility.
It’s not enough to tell people that you have the best product in town. It’s not enough to tell them you solved other people’s problems. Anyone can make those kinds of claims. What you need to do is prove it. Show a picture of your product solving someone’s problems. Use testimonials from real people, with their real names and photos and specific statements about how your product helped them. Testimonials are the best way to establish credibility. People will believe their peers when they say you are the best.

Reason #3: Your ad wasn’t in the right place.
Let’s say you sell luxury watches. If you take out an ad in a thrifty magazine aimed at people on a low budget, you’re missing out on reaching your best customers. You’ve picked the wrong magazine to advertise in. The right place for a luxury watch store ad is in a high-end magazine like GQ.

Another example is using poster printing when your posters aren’t placed in a heavily trafficked area. There’s nothing wrong with the posters; they just aren’t in the right place to get the most attention.

If your ad has a great design and a compelling headline that touted your product’s benefits, then look closely at where you placed your ad. Why didn’t you reach your best prospects? Also take a look at your timing. Are you sending out ads for products that aren’t in season? Swimwear ads in December in Indiana won’t sell. Make sure you’re timing your ads when people need, or are about to need, your product.

Reason #4: Your expectations were too high.
You can’t expect your ads to do everything for you! You could have a very attractive, effective ad that is pulling in a decent amount of sales and you just don’t think that’s good enough. Advertising can only do so much – you can’t rely on ads to make and close a sale for you! Use advertising to pique people’s interest and get them in the door. Then do your job and close the sale.




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