8 Uses of the Printed Postcard

1 08 2008

The printed postcard may seem like a limited marketing tool because of its small size, but in fact is one of the more versatile advertisements. Some of the more common benefits include low cost for both printing and mailing, ease of design, and a high ROI. Not sure how to best utilize a postcard for your marketing campaign? Check out the list below for some common, and not-so-common, uses. 

1. Direct Mail Advertisement
Sending a postcard to the most promising prospects on your mailing list will enhance advertising results.

2. Calendar
Print the headline and offer on the back side and reserve the front for a 3 or 6 month calendar imprinted with your logo.

3. Magnet
Turn your postcard into a magnet to give away at events. For magnets that get used, print with useful information such as a calendar or emergency phone numbers.

4. Door Prize Ticket
Doubling a postcard as a door prize ticket gives clients a reason to attend your event. List the most desirable prizes so that the event is worth a trip to your office.

5. Event Ticket
Turning your postcard into an event ticket cuts marketing cost. Further entice clients by using phrases such as “VIP status” and offer extra benefits for attendance.

6. Newsletter
Cut mailing costs by using postcards for newsletters to keep your existing clients informed of new services or products.

7. Feedback Form
Send postcards asking customers for feedback on your company. Make filling out a form easy and worthwhile by directing clients to a web page and offering a small reward.

8. Ordering Form
Attach stamped and addressed postcards to brochures or catalogs for a quick and easy order form. Avoid glossy paper for a form that is easy to write on.

The most important thing to remember about printed postcards is that no matter how you utilize your postcard, the use, design, and offer should all coincide for a message that is clear and irresistible.




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