Know How To Deal With Your Customer Types

25 07 2008

No matter what kind of business you are you’re going to have, more or less, the same type of customers.

What are these types? 

You have the repeat customers whom you’ve done a successful transaction with before and have established a relationship with. Then you have the customers who look for quality and, on the other hand, the customers looking at only the price. Then there are the “accidental” customers who just happened to check out your store. And lastly, there are the determined customers who came to your store to look for particular item.

What do you need to know about these customers?

The loyal customer is going to be your chief source of sales. They’ll keep coming back and they’ll be buying a wide variety of things from you.

The price-focused customers are only going to be paying attention to prices, and that means they’ll be quick to jump ship should they see another store with a better deal.

The quality-focused customers are those that pay attention to the quality of your products. These are the ones usually more worthwhile to keep since trust and loyalty is easy once you’ve won them over.

The accidental customers just checking out your store are the ones who don’t have any particular agenda. They’ll buy something if it looks interesting, but they aren’t likely to even pay much attention to what the name of your store is.

And lastly, the determined customers with one defined purchase on their mind are the types who will only occasionally come in because they know you have what they need.

How Do You Deal With Each Type

Every customer wants one thing and its the bottom line of all business-client relationship. Trust. This is the same regardless of your client type. All customers just want someone they can trust and rely on. And to be able to gain the trust of your clients, you need to be sincere and look into the real needs and concerns of your customers. And never lie (as much as possible, that is). Believe it or not, customers are smarter these days and they know if a salesperson is talking garbage or not.

Your loyal customers need lesser work than the new ones that come along, but nonetheless you still need to give them enough attention to their satisfaction.

But what you really need to focus on is turning as many customers as you can into loyal ones. A person may begin as a wandering customer, but if you have the right deals and treat your loyal customers right, they might decide that your store is the kind they’d like to keep coming back to.




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