Pictures of Unique Business Cards

23 07 2008

These days, there are a whole lot of different types of business card printing in use.  And many of them are extremely exotic and unconventional.  Those types of business cards are my favorite, because they get the attention of the customers.  And isn’t that the point?  It can be pretty tough to make your cards stand out when virtually everyone has them, so sometimes you have to resort to drastic measures.

Ivan from recently posted a blog that shows pictures of some very unique business cards.  I don’t want to completely steal his thunder, but I wanted to post a few of those pictures and show you what I’m talking about.  Here is the link:


Pictures of Unique Business Cards

Yes, this is a business card in the form of a scratch off ticket.  How cool is that?  To me, this is the perfect idea.  It is interesting, yet at the same time simple and effective.  Exactly what a business card should be.




Here is a business card in the shape of a map.  Actually, it’s not so much in the shape of a map as an actual map.  It doubles as a completely functional roadmap showing customers how to get to the company.  Brilliant!




Guess who uses this type of business card?  You guessed it: a dentist!  A business card with a dental impression on it.  You can’t get more straightforward than that, can you?

I also found some interesting business card designs on Flickr.  Here is the link:




I have no idea what kind of company is using this card, but it seems pretty cool to me.  The customer actually has to break the seal to see the card.




I love this business card.  On the one side, it is a basic business card (although very retro looking).  But on the other it features a very personal picture that makes you wonder about the participants.




I’ve actually seen several companies use dog tags as business cards, and I like it.  These would be especially effective if the customer actually put them around his neck, because then he would see your business information all day long!




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