Increase your Profits

15 07 2008

Every small business is looking for ways to increase its profits.  After all, what matters most to every business is how much money is left in the bank after paying all the bills and taxes.  Here are some tips that I have assembled to help you do that.

Let go of what doesn’t work
For most small businesses, it is difficult to cut out a product.  It is tough to let go of something that you have invested so much time and money into.  But if a product is not selling or producing enough revenue, you simply must jettison it.  A non profitable product will do nothing but drain money from your company, not to mention time and resources.

Focus on a small area
Trying to please everyone never works, especially for a small business.  You have to determine who your customers are, and target them specifically.  If you are a company that relies on customers in your geographic area, then obviously you have to focus all of your advertising efforts on that area.  But even if your business is internet based, you still want to have a narrow focus when it comes to your marketing strategy.  Focus on one demographic or group.

Use cost effective marketing
There are some marketing strategies that can produce profits without draining your bank account.  Business cards, as old as they are, are still a great way to network and promote sales.  Brochures still work if produced right and given to the right people.  Postcards are tremendous tools when you send them to the right recipients.  And good old fashioned newspaper ads can still reach a lot of people and generate a few dollars for you.

Form a team
It is always good to have friends.  The more friends your company has, the more profits it can make.  Get in the habit of networking constantly.  Hand out business cards to every potential client and business associate that you meet.  Get to know the business leaders in your community.  Participate in online chat groups that relate to your industry.  Basically, talk to as many people as you can as often as you can.  The more contacts you have, the more ways you have for your business to make money.

Be persistent
Not every marketing strategy works right away.  Some do not even work at all, even if they sound great.  The key, when you are struck by a technique that doesn’t work right away, is to stick with it.  Let it run its course before you pull the plug on it.  Some things just take a while to get going.




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