Nine Ways to Make a Better Flyer

3 07 2008

1. Offer Something

A good way to entice readers to look at your flyer more closely is to offer a discount or some other kind of special right on your flyer. If that is what it takes to get people to look at your flyer, then you should do it. You should never let a sale go by without printing up a nice looking flyer promoting it.

2. Bypass the Typos

You would be amazed by how many flyers there are that have misspellings and grammatical errors on them. Make sure you don’t add to this problem; proofread your flyer several times before submitting it for printing. Also, try to get a second or third opinion; sometimes you get so used to a flyer that you can look right at a mistake and not notice it.

3. Keep it Simple

You only have one chance to bring in a customer with your flyer. Using too much information, or getting to complicated, will doom you right from the beginning. Use simple, enticing language on your flyers.

4. Point Out The Highlights

Make sure the most important parts of your flyer are easily identifiable to your readers. Use bullets or highlighting, or a different color ink, to point out the things you want your customers to know.

5. Be Organized

Use boxes, lines, and borders to nicely organize your flyer. Going with a cluttered look might seem eccentric and unique, but it won’t help you sell more products. Keep everything nice and neat.

6. Focus on the Good Stuff

Your product, hopefully, has some benefit that will fill a need that your customers have. Make sure you point out what that benefit is on your flyer. In fact, this will usually be the most pivotal information on the flyer.

7. Graphics Can Be Good

Color is always a nice touch. If you can afford full color flyers (and they are not terribly expensive), get them. And you can also use graphics, to an extent. You don’t want to get too cluttered (see #5), but a reasonable number of twists and turns will look good.

8. Catch Them Right Away

Obviously, you have to have a good, attention grabbing headline on your flyer. Print something that tells customers – in one, short sentence – what you are going to do for them, and how you are going to do it better than anyone else. Sounds simple, huh?

9. Use Good Software

If you are designing your own flyers, make sure you use a software program that is powerful enough to do what you want it to do. My recommendations: Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXPress. Both of these programs are powerful yet still user friendly.




One response

3 07 2008

Hi there!

Great tips I’d like to see what you think of some of my work FLYERS in particular.
Here is a link to my flyers portfolio page on my website.

To good design!

~ Mr. Echo

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