Don’t Defeat Yourself Before You can Even Start

3 07 2008

I’ve had those days before where I was sitting around and thinking about all of the stuff I needed to do. The house needed to be cleaned up, I had some mail I needed to send out, some emails that awaited me to respond to, along with some bills to take care of and so on. I stared into the face of all this work and was so overwhelmed I ended up just doing none of it.

How often has something like this happened to you? It can be particularly problematic when it comes to something like marketing. You look at all the stuff you want to do and realize you just don’t have time for all of it, so rather than take on any of it you just let it sit there.

Let’s use the example of getting into a poster campaign. You can sit back and consider that you need to do the right amount of research to figure out what your poster should say, what colors and images you need to use in order to please your customers. Of course then you have to go about actually designing it and having all those posters printed up.

Now comes the task of putting them up everywhere, which first means you need to research the best places to put them in order to have the best impact.

Thinking about it all at once will likely deter you from wanting to do anything, which is why you should instead just consider one thing at a time and get to work on it. Everything else can wait until that one task is completed, and from there you can move onto the next single task.

Don’t let yourself fall into a mentality of either trying to do everything at once or nothing at all. The same could be true of the scope of your marketing campaign. Maybe you want to make the most of your poster printing and blanket a wide radius with as many poster as you can, but you know you can’t afford to do it all, so you decide to do none of it.

Once again, take things one at a time, and decide on one portion of the city to focus on first before moving on to the next. Marketing is the kind of thing you’re going to have to spend a continuous portion of your time focusing on if you want your company to flourish, which means you’ll have time to get everything done if you can spread it out over the appropriate time frame.

The worst thing anyone can do is beat themselves down before they’ve even started out. Take a step back, really look at the situation, and only after you know what you need to do first should you set out. Everything begins with a first step. Start taking yours.




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