Is Your Business Card a Keeper?

2 07 2008

Oftentimes, the first impression you give in a business situation comes from your business card. Take one out and study it closely. What message is it sending? If you can’t figure it out or don’t like the answer then it is time for some business card printing.

Color business cards and custom business cards have become quite economical. There is no reason now not to put your best foot forward with a quality business card. Of first importance is the paper. It should be firm and durable. A flimsy card gets discarded quickly.

Also, the ink is important. It too should be durable. To test the quality of your ink put a drop of water on your card. Does the ink run? If so, it is time again for some business card printing. Obviously important are the words themselves. Besides the universally requisite information your card should contain some form of description of your product or service. The recipient can view it after time has elapsed and be confused as to exactly your company is.

There are many compelling reasons to only use color business cards or custom business cards. There are few excuses for not doing so. Cost is reasonable and there is the convenience of online business card printing. Improve your card and consequently your company’s image today.




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2 07 2008

You have given some good suggestions about business cards. Keep it up.

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