Why You Need To Start Advertising

1 07 2008

Branding is the lifeblood of any sales effort. The feeling your product emits is produced by your branding effort. Humans need much repetition for thoughts to sink in. Experts say that the average person needs to be exposed to a marketing message over ten times for it to finally stick. Advertising is the fuel which allows your brand to continue to run.

For it to be known in the marketplace you must say it then say it again. Ideally you are targeting your message to a niche audience. Attempting a mass marketing campaign on a small budget is a plan doomed to failure. Identify and underserved niche and craft your product or service to specifically meet their needs.

There are many effective methods to reach a niche audience. Many instinctively now look to online advertising. However, today’s digital technology allows for economical color brochure printing and promotional flyers to send to your targeted audience. Direct mail has been, and remains, an excellent route to communication with a niche market.

All materials whether mailed or not need to be professional and convey the spirit of your brand. This includes everything right down to your online business card printing. The smallest things can impact your brand in ways you cannot conceive.

Build your brand with thought and creativity. Broadcast it to the right targeted audience. Reinforce it over and over. The results will put you in advertising ROI heaven.




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