How to Get Your Business Cards Working Double-Time

1 07 2008

Business cards are an indispensable part of today’s world of commerce. For many years they were all the same. Black, white and boring. The great advances in business card printing technology have now put dazzling color business cards within everyone’s reach.

Failure to have a business card on hand when needed is a business faux paux. Business card printing is easy and consumes no time. There is no excuse to be without one. Any old card will no longer do. If you have an outdated and boring card it is time to make a change.

Most business cards end up in a large pile or stuck in a drawer. When the owner goes to locate one it is most likely a colorful one will first catch their eye. Your plain card will not stand a chance of catching any attention.

Some have gone beyond paper itself. Printing today can put your information and message on virtually anything. Creative marketers seek to convert the traditional business card into a useful object that remains prominently displayed. This innovative strategy trumps even the prettiest card in the drawer. Examples of items could be pens, paper, or magnets.

Let your business card aptly represent your company. Both of them should be colorful, innovative and fun. Shed the boring monochromatic clothes of yesterday.




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