Grab College Students’ Attention with Poster Advertising

30 06 2008

The best way to grab college students’ interest is by plastering posters all over their campus. Colleges generally have bulletin boards for hanging flyers and posters in every building. College students get a lot of information from these boards between classes, especially when they are early for a class and need something to entertain them.

Why not entertain them with your product poster? Although colleges are a great place for posters, you have to do it right to get a response. Follow these tips to get college students to respond to your posters:

Assess your demographics

This is somewhat easy to do on a college campus, which means you have no excuse not to have a tailored poster printing campaign. The college should have demographics in their marketing materials or on their Web site. You can find out the total number of students, the majors of students (helpful so you know what buildings to hang your posters in), the number of international students and the number of undergraduate and graduate students.

Hang posters in the right place

By knowing the student body, you can hang posters with different messages in different areas of campus. For instance, if you sell art supplies, you’ll know how many art students are on campus, and you can find out which building(s) hold the most art classes. Your posters will have more effect in the “art building” than the “nursing building.”

Place multiple posters in one space

These can be the same version of posters or a few posters of different designs. A block of posters in the same style can do wonders to get students’ attention. A block of posters might also stay uncovered longer because they’ll look nice and neat, and no one will want to cover them up.

Place posters on the edges of bulletin boards

If you hang your poster off the bottom of the board, they’ll be less likely to be covered by others because there won’t be anywhere to hang the other posters. The same goes for the edges. Of course, if the middle of the board isn’t covered yet, by all means – take advantage. But, in most cases, the middle will be crowded so hang your posters away from the crowd.

Pick the right season

If your product is tied to a season, be sure to get your poster up a month or two before that season. If you sell something linked to Christmas or winter, put posters up in November or a month before it gets cold. Also, keep in mind that most students don’t take summer classes so you won’t want to waste your resources by hanging new posters in the summer.




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