What’s In It For Them?

26 06 2008

It seems as if all advertisements are going to naturally be about the company making them. You’re handing people that says, “Come in, give me business, give me money.” This is the dominant image in a lot of advertising that I see. The most important aspect of it seems to be the idea that I’m going to help them and give them business, but there seems to be very little about what I’m going to get out of it.

Every advertisement needs to be completely about the customer, not the company. This isn’t about what the customer can do for you, but what you can do for your customers. Sound familiar?

As a consumer I don’t care nearly as much about the company as I do about myself. If I see a company wasting color printing on something that only lets me know I should help them out by handing them money, I’m not very inclined to care about them.

The places I’ll look to are those telling me how they can save me money, how they can offer me conveniences, and how they can provide me with better service them I’m likely to get at other stores.

I’m happily self-centered. You need to be aware of the fact that your customers are likely to be the same.

You don’t have to always be direct about how you can help them. Take the example of a small, local business. I’ve seen marketing pushes that tell people to shop with them rather than larger corporations in order to help the local economy. Now, by helping the economy I’m helping myself as well, which is the very point.

Now, to really focus on the needs of the customer you have to be aware of who that customer is. The more broad you try to make your marketing the less likely you’ll be able to people to the right people.

Find a specific type of customer base and then do the needed research to figure out what it is that they’re looking for in a company. You can’t give them what they want if you don’t know what it is that they want. Great savings are always good, but it isn’t a very effective method of distinguishing yourself from the competition. If you’re able to give them something the competition can’t, you’ll be on your way to generating stronger sales.

Once you do figure out what you can do for people make sure that your color printing never stops. Keep up a continuous flow of marketing so people don’t forget about you.

I think we’re all a little self-centered when it comes right down to it. The good marketer needs to be aware of this so they don’t become too self-centered themselves. If they can’t tell me how they can help me out, I’m not going to help them out by shopping with them.




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