Targeted Marketing: Hitting the Right Notes To Achieve the Right Melody

19 06 2008

Marketing campaigns can be divided into two basic categories. The first is mass marketing. This is characterized by a shotgun approach trying to get your message out far and wide and hope it sticks with a small percent of those who hear it. The other is direct marketing. A direct marketing effort seeks to identify a viable niche market and focus on it thus improving sales conversion rates.

Oftentimes, small business owners attempt to engage in mass marketing without having the requisite marketing budget or reach. The result is a greatly diluted message which produces unsatisfactory ROI. A better alternative is direct marketing to a niche. Once that niche is selected there are many methodologies to reach them.

Commercial printing services are always helpful with production of material in support of a direct mail campaign. Some niche audiences can also be reached online. Trade shows are also another good route to make contact with elusive smaller niche markets.

Transitioning from mass marketing efforts to a more targeted approach will yield far better results. You are able to customize your message and offerings to meet the unique needs of a small audience. With mass marketing you are trying to be everything to everybody. Make the smart choice and go the direct route.




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