Marketing Your Printing Business

19 06 2008

The first commercial printing business was probably born a very short time after Gutenberg invented the earliest press. Commercial printing business owners have been ever since seeking ways to expand their customer base. Many stubbornly stick to offset era sales growth methods in today’s digital color printing world.

There are other ways besides hiring additional salespersons in your efforts to spark sales. Take a hint from your customers. Many are using your color printing services to craft mailings of all sizes and varieties. These are then to be used in direct mail campaigns targeting the right audience. Why wouldn’t that work for your business as well?

Direct mail marketing using either postcards or other color printing products like brochures is an effective route that could benefit your commercial printing company’s sales. You obviously have the printing aspect under control. The mailing and targeting techniques can be either researched yourself or many consultants exist to assist you in this effort.

Direct marketing is most effective when you are targeting a small niche audience. This enables you to custom tailor a message to fit a particular interest. Let’s assume you desired to grow your commercial printing business by signing up more restaurant clients needing menu printing services. A direct mail to all local restaurants highlighting your expertise in menu printing is far more likely to engage that recipient as opposed to a generalized printing sales brochure.

In your attempts to grow sales don’t forget about time tested direct marketing techniques. It can work for you as well as it does for your customers.




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3 09 2008

Besides traditional way of promoting your printing business, online presence will help your business to cater to the wider audience. Well designed and promoted business website will increase your sales as well as gain a level of confidence and trust from your customers.

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