How To Deal With Your Commercial Printer

19 06 2008

It is certain that today’s online world offers many appealing marketing avenues. However, this does not mean that traditional direct marketing techniques should be ignored. There are niche markets that still can only be efficiently targeted through products made by your local printing company.

Brochure printing producing brilliant color business brochures are just the start. Color postcards and catalogs can be included in your effort to fully exploit that niche market. What is a niche market? It is a small market group within a larger group.

For example, let’s look at a catering business. There is a large universe of potential clients. This can range from weddings to business functions. It is difficult to craft a one size fits all approach which would hold appeal to the varied segments of this overall market.

However, it would be much more feasible to craft a message which would engage a niche like vegetarian functions. Armed with a list of major vegetarian institutions, that piece of direct mail would likely reach many interested parties.

The relationship with your printing company or online printing source needs to be characterized by full communication. The more information provided to your printer translates to higher odds the job goes out without a hitch.

Research and identify what you feel is an underserved niche within your industry. Use effective and proven direct marketing techniques to convey your message. Follow up with excellent customer service. This is a sure formula to giving your sales a needed boost.




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